1993 was the first time I went to Corsica, a large island in the Mediterranean sea, south-east of France. It was also the year I released Décor, a Macintosh extension which displays pictures in the background. I naturally thought of offering a small series of my Corsica photos to registered users of Décor, for use as backdrops.

I was pleased to receive a lot of positive comments about these photos. Yet I was not entirely satisfied. The photos were only medium resolution, and they were not numerous, because I had decided to make them fit on a single floppy disk. Not all of them were in full screen format. Finally, they were barely commented, only a few lines of text per photograph.

So, I decided to try for something better. With a few friends, I made a new trip to Corsica in summer 1996. After I went back home, I selected the best photos and wrote a descriptive text to provide the context in which each photo was taken. This is "Back to Corsica".

I wanted not only to present you with a few photos, but also to introduce Corsica, a beautiful maze of mountains with a rich past, whose future is unfortunately threatened in many ways: economic and political. This document should contain enough information for you to get an idea of what hiking in Corsica can be like, and possibly to start planning your own trip!

How to use these documents?

First, you can navigate through these documents with a browser. There are several text files; the main one is the description of our trip.

Modesty should prevent me from highly recommending my software Décor. Décor lets you display any of the photos in the background of your Macintosh.

If you want to make a slideshow of the photos, I recommend Aaron Giles' viewer application, JPEGView. It will let you view the photos in a full screen window.

All 38 photos are in 1024x768 pixels, so they should be large enough for most screens. If you have a smaller screen and a slow machine, you might want to shrink them once and for all, to reduce loading time.

You are free to find other uses for "Back to Corsica", as long as they are personal and non-profit.

Menu du Jour

"Back to Corsica" offers the following pages:


You are free to download "Back to Corsica" for personal and non-profit use.

This package used to be shareware; it is now free. My sincerest thanks go to the (very few) people who expressed their appreciation by registering it.

Here are a few mirror sites which also carry "Back to Corsica". (Please note that they carry the old version, containing all files in one package in MacBinary format. You can ignore the shareware notices.)