What is Cαml?

Cαml (pronounced: "alphaCaml") is a tool that turns a so-called ``binding specification'' into an OCaml compilation unit. This helps writers of interpreters, compilers, or other programs-that-manipulate-programs deal with α-conversion in a safe and concise style.

Please read this overview of Cαml first. Then, have a look at the reference manual.


Here is the source code for the latest release. Compiling and installing requires GNU make, OCaml (version 3.08 or later), and findlib.

Cαml is also available through GODI. Once you have installed GODI, look for godi-alphacaml using godi_console.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for announcements of new releases and for discussion of problems, bugs, feature requests, and so on. Only subscribers can post.

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